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Clubhouse Getting Close To Completion

The clubhouse is coming together as the trim is almost finished, kitchen cabinets are installed, elevator is installed, HVAC system being hooked up, electricity, water, sewer lines run, and the front staircase is being built. Our contractor has said we should be done by the end of October. The interior is being painted and most of the exterior has been painted. At this stage, things move a little slower, but the amount of work getting accomplished is tremendous. I will let everyone know when the building is done and ready to move in as soon as we get to that point. Thank you to all the owners for your patience and participation!

Front Staircase

Interior Staircase

Top Floor Gathering Room

Top Floor Elevator and Restroom

Top Floor Looking Toward Kitchen Area

Kitchen Cabinets

Top Floor Deck

View From The Docks

Walkway From Parking Lot to Docks

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